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List of Pro Pool Players, Semi-Pros & Famous Hustlers

You will find many names on this list of pool players found no where else online, especially pro caliber pool players from North Carolina, such as Michael Cone, Pete Horne, Cliff Joyner, Harold Dollar and Sparky Ferrell just to name a few. Also included is a small list of trick shot artists known for their trick shot artistry and skill at enchanting their audience with their unique techniques and showmanship on the pool table.

Profiles of Pro Caliber Pool Players And Their Colorful Nicknames

A list of pro pool players and semi professional pool players and famous road players or hustlers could go on and on. Therefore this list of pool players and renown hustlers is not exhaustive, but it is extensive. There are 100s of names that could be added to this list, but I had to stop somewhere.

What you will find here is a central resource page to help you find relevant information on many of players past and today's pocket billiard players online, including resources to find their current rankings. In most cases, the colorful nicknames by which they are known, a short bio, titles won and a bit of trivia have been included in this list of pool players; and, in time I hope to add a profile page and perhaps a picture to each name, a link to how to videos of or by them playing pool that you can view online and more. Also, included for many players is a listing of titles and pool player championships the player has won.

Follow The OTC Billiards MouseFollow The OTC Billiard Mouse... and "jayce the pool mouse" around the web as he and his creator uncover the scoop on pro caliber pool players from around the world. Though you may find some information on legendary players from this page; many stories about famous past names in billiard sports history can also be found by following the OTC Billiard Mouse to the Billiards History and Legends Page

General Information About Pro Players

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World Champion Pool And Billiard Trick Shot Artists

List of Artistic Pool Players

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Men Professional Pool Players & Semi Pros

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(WPBA) Women Pro Pool Players & Semi Pros

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