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Read online reviews, buy movies for Christmas gifts, Easter vacation, buy pool movie posters to stuff a Sports Fan Christmas Stocking, find on this page, buy the books the movies were based on ... find out about some of the fun contributions to the pool & billiards sports world the movie entertainment world has made to our beloved sport over the years.

9 Ball: The Movie

No information at this time... Still waiting for our prepaid copy of the DVD. Still waiting to hear more about this upcoming new pool movie starring Professional WPBA Player Jennifer Baretta.

A Pool Movie starring a real Professional Lady Champion!
It's about time! When is it coming out?


* Not all, but most of these movies are available online to buy. Simply hover over or click on the DVD image to check to see if the poolmouse has sniffed out where and linked up. ( Tip: DO NOT Forget to bookmark this page before you follow a link that may lead you off site.)

Pool Hall Junkies - Check This Movie Preview Out!

Recommended viewing by the poolmouse

LOTS OF FUN! Full of Action, Fast Pace, one of the best billiard movie releases in years to emerge on the scene... Starring: Christopher Walken, Rick Schroder, trick shot champion, Mike Massey, Clint Eastwood's daughter, Allison Eastwood, Michael Rosenbaum, same as Lex Luther of TV series Smallville fame..
This preview is in my opinion is ok for general audience. But discretion strongly advised when allowing young viewers to watch the full movie.


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Poolhall Junkies (Style A)
11x17 Movie Poster
Buy Poolhall Junkies
OTC Recommends
Pool Hall Junkies
Buy Pool Hall Junkies on (DVD)

Pool Hall Junkies Movie + info on pool movies of the past! Read More about the new Pool and Billiard Movie coming out soon POOL HALL JUNKIES and find out where you can find and buy other billiard movies online, including a Twilight Zone TV episode featuring Steal A Game Of Pool Read More about Pool Hall Junkies and buy a copy online!

Buy A Best Seller! Billiard Movie on DVD, cast includes World Champion Trick Shot Artist Mike Massey, Alison Eastwood

Recommended viewing by the poolmouse

LOTS OF FUN! Full of Action, Fast Pace, one of the best billiard movie releases in years to emerge on the scene... Starring: Christopher Walken, Rick Schroder, trick shot champion, Mike Massey, Clint Eastwood's daughter, Allison Eastwood, Michael Rosenbaum, same as Lex Luther of TV series Smallville fame..
This preview is in my opinion is ok for general audience. But discretion strongly advised when allowing young viewers to watch the full movie.

View Trailer


Kiss Shot - Comedy

Whoopi Goldberg, Dennis Franz and Dorian Harewood

Tagline: "When life has you behind the 8 Ball. It's time to take your best shot." View Trailer

A OTC Billiards Movie Review

The blurb on the back of our VHS Copy makes a good summary of the movie by saying this "... Kiss Shot is rich with emotion, wit, and extraordinary performances - a delightfully uplifting tale for the entire family." And it is! It is a serious comedy about a very responsible but desperate single mom who has to bring out her old cue skills to make that evil "balloon payment". This one even non players that do not have the game under their skin and in their blood; who don't know one single thing about pool and billiards can appreciate and enjoy.

buy The Baron And The Kid

The Baron And The Kid

Starring the legendary Johnny Cash as "The Baron", and co-starring his wife June Carter Cash, Greg Webb as the "Cajun Kid", and Tracy Polland

Watch Online:
The Baron - Movie Clips and vintage clip of the music video from the Johnny Cash TV Show

A OTC Billiards Movie Review

Based on Johnny Cash's hit song and CMT music video "The Baron." I watched this movie years ago on TV and loved it! Basically the story line goes something like this... The "Cajun Kid" is the (Johnny Cash) Baron's estranged bitter son. A smart mouth boy who wants to be a man complete with a hot temper and a really big chip on his shoulder that needs to be knocked off.

Actress Tracy Polland is the quick and sassy girl who just makes the kid that much madder! But darned if he don't think she ain't cute and can actually shoot a straight stick! And that is all I'm gonna tell you... Go buy your own copy, which is what i'm getting ready to do because "the poolmouse" and hubby have not seen and have been looking to buy this movie for years.

Bought it! Still enjoyed it. Yes! It is a older movie and reflects a time when movies were... well, it's family friendly which is not something most movies today even try to be. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed "Poolhall Junkies" but to be honest I even have a hard time letting a 15 yr old watch "Poolhall Junkies" even with me in the room mostly because of the language content. Yea! I know they've heard it all and seen too much of it. But still....!

The Shooting Gallery
AKA Pool House Prophets
View Trailer

Shooting Gallery: a.k.a. Pool House Prophets (2005)

Starring: Freddie Prinze Jr., Ving Rhames
Director: Keoni Waxman
Tagline: "There's no such thing as luck to a hustler."
A OTC Billiards Movie Review

Movie starring Freddi Prinze Jr. All Movie Guide had this to say about the movie... Personally we were not too crazy about it when we finally got around to seeing it. However it does have a rather clever twist at the end.

All Movie Guide Review


All Movie Guide

A billiard-savvy street-kid resorts to desperate measures after finding himself caught between a pair of veteran hustlers and a corrupt vice cop in this urban thriller directed by Keoni Waxman and starring Freddie Prinze, Jr. Jericho Hudson (Freddi Prinze Jr.) knows his way around a pool table, but he's still no match for legendary pool sharks Cue Ball Carl Bridges (Ving Rhames) and Tenderloin Tony (Angus Macfayden). With some help from his grifting girlfriend Jezebel (Roselyn Sanchez), Hudson sets a plan into motion that will draw Cue Ball Carl and crooked cop Timothy Mortensen into an dangerous confrontation, but if the plan doesn't go just as planned Hudson might not live long enough to call his next shot. Jason Buchanan


Stick Men (2001)

Starring: Robbie Magasiva and Scott Wills
Director: Hamish Rothwell
Tagline: "Playing the Shots. Covering the Angles. Waiting for the Big Break."
A OTC Billiards Movie Review

Not seen this movie yet. However, All Movie Guide had this to say about this movie for Pool Players:

All Movie Guide Review

Three small-time gamblers discover their stakes have been raised to a career high in this comedy-drama. Jack (Robbie Magasiva), Wayne (Scott Wills), and Thomas (Paolo Rotondo) compose a trio of hotshot billiards players who devote their spare time to hustling games at their favorite watering hole in New Zealand. When the boys learn that Daddy (Enrico Mammarella), a fearsome local crime czar, is organizing a high-stakes pool tournament, they decide to get in on the action, but when they learn that Dave (John Leigh), the owner of their favorite pub and hustling spot, is deep in dept to the mob, they figure that wining the tourney may be their only hope for keeping the bar open (and Dave alive). As Jack, Wayne, and Thomas prepare to square off against the sharpest Kiwi pool sharks alive, they find themselves attracting the attention of Karen (Simone Kessell) and Sara (Anne Nordhaus), a pair of beautiful women who seem to know their way around a billiard table and are more than casually interested in the boys. But what the guys don't know is that Karen and Sara are world-class pool hustlers who've been hired by Daddy's crew to distract them and throw them off their game. Stickmen was the first feature film from director Hamish Rothwell, who previously was a top director of television commercials and music videos. Mark Deming


Twilight Zone The - Vol. 3 (DVD) DVD

A Game of Pool...The Twilight Zone

Jesse Cardiff as Jack Klugman
Fats Brown as Jonathan Winters

A OTC Billiard Mouse Movie Review:

Jack Klugman stars as Jesse Cardiff, a man obsessed; a true billiard sports pool hall junkie who is more than just a little tired of being
compared to the best pool player who had ever lived Fats Brown, who died 15 years earlier. Someone in the other zone must have heard him whinning because the ghost of Fats suddenly shows up to challenge Jesse to one game of straight pool to 300 for the title of "Best Pool Player of All Time."

What happens next? It's a Twilight zone episode what do you think happens next... Actually there are two versions, the original and years later the alternate ending debuted when this episode was remade in 1988

You want to buy the original TV episode "A Game Of Pool" on DVD? Sorry the Billiard Mouse has not sniffed out a new trail on this DVD yet. So a link to where you can buy this movie online is no longer available from here.

Volume 3 of this classic hit TV Series Collection includes Four memorable episodes

Twilight Zone Vol. 3
Includes 4 TV episodes

  • Steel
  • A Game of Pool
  • Walking Distance
  • Kick the Can


a.k.a. Carambola, Billiards

Starring: Daniel Martinez, Jésus Ochoa, Diego Luna, Laura Hidalgo
Director: Kurt Hollander
A OTC Billiards Movie Review

The "poolmouse" has not seen this movie and knows very little about it; except it appears to be available only in Spanish with English subtitles.


More Billiard Movies of the Past

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Buy DVD's Movies, books, movie posters from: The Hustler starring Paul Newman, or The Hustler movie sequel The Color Of Money starring Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. Or! Buy the original Books the movies were based on by author Walter Trevis

buy The Baron And The Kid


The Hustler the original classic movie starring Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason on VHS video
The Hustler
Based on the novel by Walter Tevis
Read more about the Book And Movie The Hustler - buy the book, movie, posters...


COLOR OF MONEY Billiard Movie sequel of classic 1961 THE HUSTLER
The Color Of Money
Based on the novel by Walter Tevis
Read more about the Book And Movie The Color of Money - buy the book, movie, posters...

Poolhall Junkies
Movie Poster
Buy Pool Hall Junkies DVD or Movie Poster, Read PoolHall Junkie Movie Review...

The Baltimore Bullet

Starring: James Coburn, Bruce Boxleitner, Omar Sharif, Ronee Blakley
And The Legendary Mosconi plays part of a sports caster

Other Cast Members who are World Class Professional Billiard Sports Players making appearances in this movie include:
Lou Butera, Irving Crane, Richie Florence, Allan Hopkins, Peter Margo, "Pretty Boy Floyd" Jimmy Mataya, Steve Mizerak, "King James" Jim Rempe, and Michael Sigel

Another pool movie that somehow I missed seeing.This is basically all the OTC Billiard Mouse has been able to find out about it so far:

Two pool hustlers James Coburn and Bruce Boxleitner face off in a big way challenge match with the sophisticated Omar Sharif. I've always like Omar Sharif so...? Oh, I just found a short video clip online of a scene from the Baltimore Bullet

A Listing of all the pool or billiard sports movies that "jayce the poolmouse" the creator of the OTC Billiard Mouse is aware of follows:

many of these movies are mentioned above but some have pages on this site all their own...




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