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  • On The Cheese: In 9 ball the money ball is refered to as "The Cheese Ball". You win by pocketing the cheese ball. And! Everybody knows that mice love cheese. So... being "on the cheese" is an idiom for "the thing", or "the best".

  • OTC Billiards home for Pool Players: favorite online destination for sports fans and game fanatics living in Raleigh, North Carolina and the South Eastern United States. And! For all Pool and Billiard Players around the world. — For anyone who follows the OTC Billiard Mouse, the internet's favorite pool mouse.

  • OTC Billiards Has your online Billiard resources:
    - North Carolina pool room directory
    - Cue Makers in the South Eastern United States
    - and More...

  • The source for finding online information: how to play pool; tips and trick shots, tutorials, cue care, repairs, pool tables, pro players, tours, tournaments ... And!

  • 8 Ball Hustler Zip Hoodie, Perfect Christmas gift idea for pool players

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  • We like our pool and billiards on the cheese - OTC Billiards Mouse CartoonWe are the official home of the OTC Billiard Mouse: the internet's favorite pool playing mouse.

  • Remember, The power is the cheese: 9 Ball players know it. And, everybody wants to be on it.

  • Pool players love the Cheese Ball. And!

  • The game is only won: by getting "On The Cheese."

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