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Speculations On Nimrod’s World & The Tower Of Babel

Who Were The Ben Elohim,
The Tablet Theory of the Authorship of Genesis
and Original Forms of Communication Before The Flood

In 1993, looking for a good read and thinking that case studies of alien visitations would be an intriguing change, I purchased a cheap copy of Sons of God Return, by Kelly Segrave in a flea market. The purpose of the book, and it’s Christian nature was stated quite plainly on the back cover. It was in fact the reading of the synopsis on the back that led me to buy the book. But it was not until halfway through the book that it dawned on me that the author was Christian. The author had made no attempts to shroud that fact in any way. But somehow I had missed that part. Quite honestly if that knowledge had been mine at the time of purchase that book would not have gone home with me due to a misguided belief that such a book would be boring.

It was not a case of having anything against Christianity. In fact, if asked about religion, I considered myself a `Christian’ more than anything else at the time; just did not really know what it meant. My life at that time could be presented to the world as a fine example of having heard the message of the Bible; without being able to really hear. The short of it is that God used that book to effectively `bop me side the head’, and stuff some reason in. Soon after a need to know what I believed and why developed, leading to an interest in comparing religions. Which lead to the hard realization that Biblical Christianity is totally different from any other religion. Which in turn led to the obvious realization that just because it goes by the name Christian does not mean that it is. The name can be the same, even share similar attributes and go by a different name, but all the wishful thinking and rose-colored glasses in the world will not make two completely different things, people, or whatever, the same. And no matter how good an idea; how good something looks and sounds, or benign, that does not make it so. Most important came the shocking realization that religion is man's attempt to reach God. Therefore Biblical Christianity is not a religion! Biblical Christianity is God reaching into His own creation; it is God reaching out to man.

During the process to understand, I kept coming back to the book of Genesis, especially to the first 11 chapters. That is how this long-winded introduction leads into the subject of a speculation about the world Nimrod lived in. The immediate history surrounding the span of time leading up to the Tower of Babel, and directly following, intrigues me. Over time the concept of incorporating this interest into writing a fictional story (stories), has struggled to emerge fully feathered.

Problem. Where were the feathers? The very fact that the story would be fictional gave up some breathing room, but, even fiction has to be weaved on, or around something. Two inescapable points had to be solved by some hypothesis that could mesh. One concerned the development of various religions, in reference to the confusion of the languages by God at the Tower of Babel. The other had to do with the transmission of knowledge, especially in the written form, up to that same time, and directly succeeding. It is possible that I have stumbled over the beginning threads of an idea that can piece the puzzle together. The emerging pieces may not (and probably do not) match the true original pieces, but, perhaps they can work together well enough to cover the holes in the over all picture for the fictional story of Nvard, the Seeker, to begin to take shape.

After reading Charles Scott Kimball’s, The Genesis Chronicles: A Propose History Of The Morning Of The World a few ideas came to mind. One idea formed around an image of the giants of the Old Testament growing tall by eating well. Which of course led to a contemplation of the `mighty ones’. Taking into consideration that the first mention of the ‘Mighty Ones’ in the Bible is just before the Flood and that they are next mentioned after the Flood in reference to Nimrod; I did a quick check on references to both giants and the mighty ones in the Old Testament. After a hasty check my lines of thought started diverging all over the place. In Canaan, where the giants once again appear in the Bible, the mother-goddess religion prevailed along side that of Baal, attested to by both the Bible and archaeology. Archaeology has also shown the existence of the mother-goddess religion in Babylon. Following these thoughts abstract ideas came to mind that surprisingly began to assemble themselves into what could possibly be called coherent thoughts.

Who Were The Ben Elohim?

Jumping right in (somewhere -- please bear with me) with no more ado, materialism dominated the line of Cain’s family more so than the line of Seth before the Flood, at least in the beginning. The Cainites were the first to build cities, the first to enjoy the good life, and (back to the original idea) first to glorify `good health’? Nothing against being in good health, which has obvious perks. What is being proposed here, is the concept of a culture that took health awareness beyond reasonable boundaries, sort of like some animal lovers. Now remember, just before the first mention of ‘mighty ones’ comes the puzzling passage about the `daughters of men and the sons of God’. It is commonly held that the `sons of God’ are either angels or descendants of Seth. Both sides of the argument have their points. Personally, I have dithered between the two for years. The argument for `Ben Elohim’ usually referring to angels was convincing, but so too the point about the resulting offspring (if it were in some way even remotely possible through some kind of genetic engineering/ occultic way for there to be such), and the difficulties surrounding their salvation, pro or con, make that scenario ...

Coming back to the point, what if the before mentioned `mighty ones’ where in extremely good health due to the conditions prevailing before the Flood, the technology of the time, etc. People would look up to them in awe similar to that our culture bestows on extremely tall athletes. As mentioned in The Genesis Chronicles: A Propose History Of The Morning Of The World today’s world seems to see each generation of athlete getting taller. That would to some extent explain the giants. After the Flood, the situation would be quite different especially in the first few generations. It would be a while before the ground which had been catastrophically eroded by the Flood would start to gain back even a small portion of the nutrients that had existed in the soil of the antediluvian world; having been mostly washed out to sea. Not to mention other factors such as climate.

Suppose that by the time Nimrod was born, some of those obstacles were overcome. Sort of like the practice of popping vitamins, working out for cardiovascular health, finding ways to relieve the effects of stress in life, etc., things which make such a difference in ours from earlier generations. Hopefully the point is growing obvious by now; so, in the name of keeping it simple, maybe Nimrod was the first `Shaq Attack’ after the Flood, only with a very `religious’ slant?

Speaking of that `religious’ slant, fallen angels, UFOs, and the previous mention of the the book Sons of God Return, take a look how the Adversary has often presented himself to the world as either not existing, or as having much more power than he really does.

Moving on to the next major thought, which resulted strangely enough from the viewing of a movie the night previous to this writing. That movie, which makes major religious statements that are hardly Biblical, would make a good primer for Scientific/Occultism 101. Excuse me, more likely the politically correct term would be something along the line of scientific-spiritualism. Before going further, it should be admitted that the movie was highly enjoyable, and a good example of the brainwashing which can occur from not knowing how to `test the spirits’.

Anyway, back to that thought, which was last seen squirming around here somewhere. Oh yea. . . In the movie Contact a signal was received by SETI from the Vega System; an extremely strong signal, that did in fact turn out to be a message. Only when it was realized that the so-called aliens most probably had the ability to think coherently, and comprehensively, not to mention efficiently about more than one thing at a time could the message be decoded. In fact the message proved so efficient that the movie indicated that the aliens not only sent a multidimensional message, but that multidimensional thought processes and communications were normal for them.

Forms Of Communication Before The Flood

Now to get off the track just a little bit, but I promise it will all go together soon. At least, hopefully so. Just as there are many theories about the `Ben Elohim’, so also, are there more than one about the transfer of knowledge from the antediluvian world to the post-antediluvian, and the existence of a writing system before the tower of Babel. Even among those who champion the intelligence of man from the dawn of time there are divergent opinions. Some say that writing existed from the dawn of time, some even believe that mankind communicated with each other, and with animal kind telepathically. Personally, for a number of reasons that I will not go into here; I rule out the telepathy idea. Still another option in the guessing game is the possibility that man’s capacity to remember was such before the Flood that writing was not necessary. In support of this idea are all the cultures throughout history that had oral rather than written traditions, some of these even scorned the use of writing.

The Tablet Theory

On the other hand, P. J. Wisemen, Ancient Records And The Structure Of Genesis, (read more about the Tablet Theory external link) brought the similarities between the structuring of the early chapters of the book of Genesis to that of the colophons of Babylonian Tablets to the attention of the world. This would seem to indicate the existence of eyewitness accounts of the early parts of the Bible in a written form. Thinking back to the earlier reference to the movie Contact, What kind of written form? I tend to suspect that pictographic, logographic, hieroglyphic, cuneiform, etc., i.e., all written forms of language that we have knowledge of, and use today are a devolution. Just as we have devolved ever since the Fall. Still, I tend to believe that from the beginning of time there was some form of visual communication. So on that train of thought, could it not be possible that just as the environment of the earth which was already suffering a slow death as a consequence of the fall, and then took a larger leap in a downward spiral because of the Flood; so too the human ability to communicate?

The Holographic Mind At It's Best

Our ability to communicate is intimately connected to the human mind. Just as many creationist before me have pointed out, Adam named all the animals the very day God created him. Put such a monumental task before anyone today. Then stop to wonder how long it will take for them to go into mental overload; not to mention naming some animals more than once and/or not being able to remember the names. Perhaps the idea of Adam, and those generations that closely followed possessing the ability to think and communicate visually, for lack of a better word, multi-dimensionally (not telepathic!), or even better holographic minds rather than being subjected strictly to the linear process we are familiar with is worth consideration.

Here is where my speculations may start sounding wild, what if the visual form of communication that existed before the Flood was so complex that those born in the Post-Flood world found it harder, and harder to `read’ with each successive generation. Those who could were considered geniuses. Perhaps, a time came when only the `gifted’ could comprehend any of the meaning contained in this medium. Could it have been that during this time that simpler forms of communication were experimented with; until one day someone realized that in this way the beliefs of the next generation could be effectively controlled and shaped to fit into the personal agenda of who, or whomever had the most power over the population.

By this time both Nimrod and Cush have come onto the stage of history, and probably had much to do with the culture that was now developing. Now we are looking at the beginnings of a one world empire under the rule of a control freak (Nimrod) who also happens to be a prime example of good health, and athletic prowess. Drawing on legend, not on Biblical fact, let us say Nimrod goes too far, is judged by his peers, and sentenced to death. His widow, the ultimate manipulator, plays the role of the martyred wife to the hilt, she also juices the old prophecy of `the seed of a woman’ to her advantage when she finds she is with child but no husband. By the time the miracle child has grown up, much of the world has once again losing its perspective on truth, and Ninus, the son of Semiramis/ Sammuramat (the widow), starts construction on the Tower of Babel.

Perhaps this is not the first time that construction was planned or even started; but this time ultimate effort is put into the project. The numbers of true believers have become so small that few are left to intercede by prayer, or in any other way even want to. It had gone too far. This time, for this final judgment against the empire of Nimrod, `the LORD came down to see the city and the tower . . . and there confound their language, that they may not understand one anther’s speech. . . Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.’(KJV)

Is it conceivable that this possible scenario could have been? At least in accordance to our present understanding of that time period. Is this a starting point for forming solid ideas pertaining to the story of the seeker? If so, I need to come up with a clearer picture of that Multidimensional form of communication the antediluvians had, or at least a better definition and name.

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