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The Golden Egg Conspiracy - by Janice Moore

The Search for The Golden Egg - The Controversial Question: Is it a Conspiracy?

The Dragon Eggs of EdenConsider the word conspiracy, and ask this question? Have we manipulated the legitimate use of the word conspiracy into a game of western semantic word play. Defined, a conspiracy is the evolution of a plan to reach a desired end result. Through out history people have conspired to develop countries and gain power over others. Through out decades, in the best possible way, parents have conspired to make life better for their children and future descendants. So why do we cringe at the use of that word? Conspiracy is not of itself a foolish word. Conspiracy is not a dirty word.

The Conspiracy To "Break" The Code Of The Golden Egg

Have we played? Are we still foolishly playing a twisted game of illogical so called logical rationality on the conspiracy word? A word that in meaning pertains to any means (good or bad) used in a logical strategy to reach a goal? Have we as a society deceived ourselves in this game of life.

Remember this is not a child's game we play. Should we as a people take more time and think; not just react instinctively turning a deaf ear at any hint to the word conspiracy? Simply take a minute to remember...

We have given the conspiracy word a false connotation of foolishness that the word conspiracy does not deserve. Clever minds have used that skepticism of all things conspiratorial to advantage. Some have even the gall to serve to mankind a savior in the form of false gold.

Explore the Seeker World of artist and author Janice Moore. And, as you do so consider the true meaning of the word conspiracy as you read more Biblical Christian speculations on the patterns and twists of History that have evolved or devolved into today's Modern World and will shape the ends of Tomorrow's Future World.

- History examined with an alternate Biblical alternative twist.