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Sources For Further Reading

Interested in learning more about background of my stories and the legends they are based on? Links on this page of this website lead to further reading on the legends and places used in the creation of the characters and places in the Epic Legends of the Seeker World Stories by Janice Moore.

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The Ancient World: Cool Stuff About History, Myths, Legends, Archaeology

Online resources for the study of the ancient world, times and civilizations, with a focus on Near East. Mesopotamia, Sumerian, Indus Valley Civilizations, Egyptians, South America, legends of Atlantis, ancient knowledge, the origins of man, ancient myths, flood myths, historical fact, fiction and speculations. Look into cultural origins and daily lives of people living in ancient civilizations, archaeology.... Information on ancient technology, navigation, plumbing, math, money.... the world as it was and may have been. The truth, facts, fiction, the mystery and the speculations spanning prerecorded times ancient Egyptians, Indus Valley, Minoan, Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Phoenicians and other Near Eastern cultures to mysterious culture of the Celts and ancient pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, and into more recent history.... sections on archaeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etymology, myth, legends and cultural studies.

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Biblical History: Christian Myths and Legends

Online resources for the study of Noah's Flood, Genesis, legends of Nimrod, and Queen Semiramis, the legends of Ara and Nvard and various other resources for researching the time before and after the Flood of Noah described in the Bible. The truth, facts, fiction, the mystery and the speculations spanning little known and supposedly unrecorded Biblical times of historical knowledge to modern times.

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Religion: Christian Apologetics, Bible Study And Biblical Interpretation

Do you know what you believe or why? Without discernment an open mind becomes a gullible mind.

Online resources for the study of the discipline of Christian apologetics, Bible study, Biblical history, focus on the book of Genesis. In particular the Tower of Babel, the Flood of Noah and the Post Flood World. Useful for seeking answers about the origins of mankind and all of creation. Resources on Biblical and Christian History, also Biblical literature, online library links, Christian books online, Christian apologetics, helpful witnessing tools and other resources found on the web, Internet articles dealing with apparent Biblical contradictions, Biblical Archaeology, religious studies and comparisons of belief systems, cults, occult and other subjects pertaining to disciple of spiritual discernment most commonly referred to as the study of Christian Apologetics.

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The Business of Writing And Basic Resources

Resource for authors and editors. Online helps for writing, research, information, online books and more helps for authors writing fiction and nonfiction, Christian, fantasy, poetry, short stories and more, Looking an online dictionary or thesaurus? Where to publish writings online or off? Copyright questions? How to construct query letters?

Just find it: Tools and programs, web search strategies and engines, online dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference and where to find online books.

Online help for writers, researchers, homework help for kids, schools, librarians, teachers, students, kids, parents, and for those who are homeschooling.

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