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Online Art Portfolio Of Christian Fantasy Artist Janice Moore

Original Art By North Carolina Artist Janice Moore

Christian fantasy artist Janice MooreOnline collection of art of North Carolina Christian fantasy artist Janice Moore author of Seeker World Fiction and Nonfiction. Narrative artist Janice Moore combines her art talent and love of history with imagination to produce images rich in detail. Her hand drawn drawings are primarily character and narrative illustrations of her stories. But her artwork is not limited to illustration, or to just fantasy, but branches out further; extending into Native American Culture, Celtic and other diverse subjects. She has a particular fondness for drawing eyes and faces, and likes to depart from her normal tendancy to draw strictly realistic art to have fun with her drawings; introducing hidden art, optical illusions and developing tantalizing, curious and even mystical images to surprise and introduce evocative emotional elements.

90 Hand Drawn Drawings by Janice Moore -
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Janice Moore is a Christian fantasy artist who also writes speculative fiction. Many of the drawings seen in her online artists gallery are narrative illustrations from her Epic Legends of The Seeker World stories and beautifully illustrated poetry. If you prefer to view the html version of the gallery click here