Decipher The Code of the Golden Egg Online

Decipher The Secret Code Of The Golden Egg

Dark Gothic Tales Of Fairy Eve, Giant Nephilim Dragons of Eden and The Code of The Golden Egg

Online Quest To Discover The Truth of The Golden Egg

Gothic Tale of Fairy Eve and the Nephilim Dragons of EdenGiant serpent like Nephilim Dragons have invaded the Garden of Eden and The Land of Nod located east of Eden to lay their eggs in this dark Gothic legend of the Seeker World. Your quest? Which egg is the Golden Egg?

Where is The Seed of Promise that fulfills Ancient Biblical Prophecy? Are they the same? Will the golden egg and The Seed Of Promise turn out to be the same or have we fallen for a deception of the darkest kind?

The Greatest of All Conspiracy Theories in History

Are We Falling For A Deception Of The Darkest Kind? Ancient Bible prophecy speaks of The Seed Of Promise? Ancient Legends talk of secret codes... Today's enlightened modern world whispers about conspiracy at the highest levels of World Government, secret leaders, secret societies and a universal mystery surrounds the Templars and the controversial origins of The Masons and other secret societies. Unknown? Who do you trust? What do you believe? Are the origins of the first Easter Egg Hunt somehow connected?

Decoding The Hidden Symbols?
Mystery Codes To Be Found In The Art of The Seeker World

Bible Codes, De Vinci Codes, Templar Codes, Hidden Codes and messages in Renaissance art, Church art, Masonic symbolism, The Parthenon Code ... You've been hearing a lot of controversy. Rumors of Ancient Secret Societies, The Free Masons, The Templars, ancient Gnostic texts, wild speculation and talk about The Bible Codes and The De Vinci Code, The Templar Codes... messages in ancient Gnostic texts, symbolism in the Kaballah, Renaissance Art .... Michelangelo Code... the list of mysterious and highly controversial subject of hidden symbols in art and texts go on. Face it, you love deciphering a mystery. The mysteries of the unknown, real or imagined, fanciful or so strange hard to believe even if the facts are true fact, and not manipulated, misunderstood assumed or simply the end product of a healthy fanciful imagination.

Your Challenge? Solve the mystery, solve the riddle in the code, discover the true origins of the first fairy.

The Golden Egg Code Hints

Hint #1 - Clue to the symbols hidden in the art mystery
The excerpt below is a clue to help you decode the artwork entitled Dark Gothic Tales Of Fairy Eve, The Dragons Of Eden and The Code of The Golden Egg. Or is it? After reading the speculations below you may just find yourself more confused. As it is said, the truth is often stranger than fiction.

Speculations On Nimrod’s World And The Tower Of Babel

[excerpt]".... what if the visual form of communication that existed before the Flood was so complex that those born in the Post-Flood world found it harder, and harder to read with each successive generation. Those who could were considered geniuses. Perhaps, a time came when only the gifted could comprehend any of the meaning contained in this medium. Could it have been that during this time that simpler forms of communication were experimented with; until one day someone realized that in this way the beliefs of the next generation could be effectively controlled and shaped to fit into the personal agenda of who, or whomever had the most power over the population."

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Hint #3 -Take Care To Note The Unusual And Strange
Don't forget to ask the all important question why is the head of the Serpentine Dragon in The illustrated Seeker World Legend above more bird like rather than the typical reptilian dragon. And Don't forget to study your Bible!

Hint #4 - What Are The Origins Of The Fairy Kind?
A key element to deciphering the mystery of the code is the discovery of the origins of the first fairy and the truth behind the prophecy of The Seed Of Promise. Look closely and follow the clues and Legends of The Seeker World will help you on your path of discovery to reveal the identity of the first fairy and The Seed of Promise. So who was the first fairy? Perhaps Eve covering her nakedness before God in leaves; before God fashioned coats of skin for Adam and Eve to cloth them could be thought of as the original fairy. Read opening chapters of the Book Of Genesis closely to discover the identity of the True Seed of Promise.

That was your last hint to decoding the mystery code of The Golden Egg