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Book Review: Forgotten History Of The Western People From The Earliest Origins

Book review of author Mike Gascoigne's, Forgotten History Of The Western People From The Earliest Origins Book, the book which makes history relevant by taking a cue from history books written before the time of Darwin. Reminding us that most of history occurred before Darwin. Not a book on or about religion but a history book in the pre Darwinian style.

I highly recommend reading this book! Well researched and presented; Many ancient legends examined... European and ancient history covered here that in a way rarely and in some cases never read before anywhere else. Checking his sources out, proved him to be a very responsible and historically accurate research writer.

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Book Review: Language Of God in the Universe, Humanity, History, and in Prophecy

Bold challenge to long held beliefs in areas such as archeology, history, and religion. Do you like to make your own decisions about religion? Of course you do! Over a decade of exhaustive research went into these books. Agree or not, Helena Lehman's book series on The Language of God will encourage, challenge, force you the reader to wake up, think, and dive for your Bible for verification. You will find yourself thinking, searching the Holy Scriptures, scrutinizing what the God of the Bible does say vs the traditional doctrines of Man. The Language Of God Book Series is conservative Christian literature but at the same time, fresh and new. This series of books are most definitely Christian reading with a alternate alternative twist.

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The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop

Two Babylon Books Review

Two controversial book reviews combined: Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons, and the book written in response by Ralph Woodrow entitled The Babylon Connection. A study of what they write in comparison to what the Bible says. In summary, though I greatly respect and highly recommend Hislop's The Two Babylons as a classic in the study of Christian apologetics in this review you will find a cautionary note on both books for Christian reader's to "read with discernment and remember that only the Bible is authoritative." This review was written to share some of the opinions and views of the author Janice Moore.

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