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About Janice Moore and Her Seeker World Website

Seeker World Fiction And Nonfiction:
Where History and Fantasy Take An Alternate Biblical Twist

SeekerWorld is the official website of North Carolina artist and author Janice Moore

  • Nonfiction opinions, views, and speculations on past and modern times by Janice Moore.
  • Fiction: illustrated narrative stories by Janice Moore
    ( including - Epic Legends Of The Seeker World )
  • Original Drawings by the artist Janice Moore
  • Guest Articles: written by some of my Christian friends
  • Book Reviews
  • Resources for Further Research and Study: a full section of this site is devoted to the study of the book The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop. Other areas include categorized link pages for historians, myths and legends, Christian Apologetics, Bible Study, Writers and basic online search strategies.
  • More...

What Will You Find At SeekerWorld?

  • Seeker World - Features Legends Of The Seeker World Artist Gallery, And! Fiction and Nonfiction by Christian North Carolina Author - Artist Janice Moore.
    Seeker World is full of Fantasy and Historical Christian short stories by Janice Moore, online ancient history resources, her research into Christian apologetics, prophecy and thoughts on the tower of Babel, ancient world legends and civilizations, the antediluvian world before The Flood of Noah or the the time of Nimrod and the notorious legendary Queen of Heaven Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod according to ancient myth. Seeker World also offers fresh insights into the ancient Babylon pagan origin question.
  • Seeker World - The Narrative Artist and Author Janice Moore Offers Biblical Christian Speculations on the patterns and twists of History that have evolved or devolved into today's Modern World and will shape the ends of Tomorrow's Future World.
  • Seeker World - Biblical Christian History with an alternative twist. Speculations by Janice Moore on past and modern times, the pagan origin question and more.
  • Seeker World Challenge to decipher the code of the Golden Egg.
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How Long Has Seekerworld Fiction And Nonfiction. Been Online?

As early as 1998: Portions of this website in one form or another have been around since 1998 and was originally hosted at Geocities ( which in later years became ( when Geocities became part of Yahoo.

In 2003: Seekerworld Fiction And Nonfiction. was born running alongside its sister site at yahoo. Since then all has been migrated to the Seekerworld Fiction And Nonfiction. domain.

In 2015: finances go hard so I had to let my domain name Seekerworld Fiction And Nonfiction go and migrated the site to a section of my website at OnTheCheese.Com. For now what was Seekerworld Fiction And Nonfiction. is now:
SeekerWorld at