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Billiard Barware, Pint Glasses, Steins And Flasks


Barware And Bar Accessories For The Game Room

Jekyl Meets Hyde Billairds Halloween Pint Glass by OTC Billiard Designs

Billiard Glassware: Pint Glasses

Made of glass our pub glasses are a unique gift idea that will add the perfect touch to your game room, billiards room, or home bar.  Pictured to your left is one of my own personal favorite glass designs. Illustration of a twisted 9 Ball billiards creature with his long talons wrapped around a misshaped 9 ball says, "You've played my Jekyll side. Are you ready to meet Mr. Hyde?" Original art by the OTC Billiard Designs artist Janice Moore.


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8 Ball Coaster by OTC Billiard DesignsThe Man Cave Tile Coaster by OTC Billaird Designs

Billiard Barware: Drink Coasters

Uniquely designed game room beverage coasters by OTC Billiard Designs. We sell cork coasters and ceramic tile coasters for your home or bar.

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Pool Shark Flask by OTC Billiard Designs

Fun Barware: Billiard Liquor Flasks

Stainless steel flasks make great presents for just about any occasion because "Candy is dandy. but beer is quicker." Unique Billiard flasks by OTC Billiard Designs.


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Billiard Wine Charms by OTC Billiards

Barware And Party Favors:
Billiard Wine Charms

Prevent wine glass mix-up, easy way to identify individual glasses just fasten a different wine charm around the glass stem of each wine glass. Wine glass charms are a great way to personalize wine glasses and make charming gifts. Popular souvenirs or wedding favors. Unique wine charms by OTC Billiard Designs the perfect party favor.

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OTC Billiard Mouse Beer Stein

Party And Barware: Billiard Beer Steins

Follow the OTC Billiard Mouse to buy unique collectible beer steins by OTC Billiard Designs.

Give a cheer,
Give a rowdy toast.
The OTC Billiard Mouse asks,
"How do you like your pool and Billiards?"
All together now and answer,
"On the cheese."

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Igor To Play Pool With You Halloween Shot Glass by OTC Billiard Designs

Novelty Shot Glasses - Billiard Barware

Unique ceramic shot glasses bring an extra something to your collection of bar supplies. Billiard Shot glasses by OTC Billiard Designs are the ideal choice for wedding favors, graduation party favors, barware & more.

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Billiard Man Cave Mug by OTC Billiard Designs

Game Room Barware Billiard Mugs

Essential barware item for all late night coffee drinking pool players. You have to fuel up on coffee to fuel up on your addiction to pool. Decorative and functional game room Billiard mugs by OTC Billiard Designs.

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Billiard Man Cave Serving Tray by OTC Billiard Designs

Food And Beverage Serving Trays

Serving trays by OTC Billiard Designs are designed with handles for carrying food or beverages around the game room. Perfect for passing out beers when the guys get togeather to play a few sets of pool, or party appetizers.

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Billiard Man Cave Glass Cutting Board by OTC Billiard Designs

Cutting Boards For The Bar

Decorative cutting boards by OTC Billiard Designs are the perfect size for cutting lemons, limes, oranges and other drink garnishes.

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Pool Playing Dragon Bar Apron by OTC Billiard Designs

Bar Aprons by OTC Billiard Designs

Fun apparel for all billiard game room bartenders, our bar aprons are both servicable and fun. Ideal for bartending. Has a drawstring waist and two patch center divided pockets.

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For unique barware for your Billiards game room turn to OTC Billiard Designs. Things a pool player wants, pint glasses, mugs, beer steins, flasks, bar aprons, drink coasters, wine charms, food and beverage serving trays and more. Great Christmas gift ideas for the bar are found Online at OnTheCheese.Com Billiards.