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OTC Billiards Designs: Original Art By Janice Moore

Designs, Cartoons & Unique Billiard Art

Janice Moore of OTC Billiards DesignsDesigns By Janice Moore: view gallery

Online collection showcasing the best of OTC Billiard Designs. Many of the designs are hand drawn illustrations and cartoons that have been photoshop enhanced. All original drawings by North Carolina artist Janice Moore.

OTC Billiard Designs are for sell online in the OnTheCheese.Com Billiards Store on your choice of 200+ product lines.

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More About The Designer

Janice Moore the designer of all OTC Billiards Designs not only plays a little pool she is also the author and artist of SeekerWord Fiction And Nonfiction. Her artist statement and artist bio are online there.